Overview of Plants Used in Weight Loss Remedies – Biological Times

Overview of Plants Used in Weight Loss Remedies

Publication Date : 10/12/2023

Author(s) :

Ali Ahmad , Tasawar Iqbal*, Sidra Altaf.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 11
(12 - 2023)

Abstract :

Obesity is a widespread issue observed worldwide. Other treatment options, such as herbal medicine, can be used to address this ailment. There is a belief held by some that herbal medications pose no safety concerns. This article explores the use of natural remedies to address obesity. Herbal medicines play a vital role in healthcare in less developed nations, as they are both affordable and easily accessible. Consumers generally perceive herbal drugs as safe due to their natural origins. While herbal medications generally have fewer negative consequences compared to traditional drugs, there is still a possibility of occurrence, usually in minor manifestations and affecting a limited population. Some herbs that were previously deemed harmless could now pose a potential threat to one's health. Herbal remedies have an impact on the effectiveness of drug treatments. Technology assists in the detection of harmful substances in conventional medicine.

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