Transmission of Theileriosis in Cattle – Biological Times

Transmission of Theileriosis in Cattle

Publication Date : 10/12/2023

Author(s) :

Tabassam Fatima, Muhammad Wasif Ali, Muhammad Zain, Masroor Latif.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 11
(12 - 2023)

Abstract :

Theileriosis comprises a cluster of tick-borne illnesses instigated by protozoan parasites belonging to the genus Theileria. Numerous Theileria species are prevalent among both livestock and feral cattle in equatorial and semitropical areas worldwide. Among these, some pose significant threats to cattle, inducing acute ailments with elevated mortality rates. Some are notable contributors to mortality in sheep. Although a therapeutic drug called buparvaquone exists for treatment, its high cost necessitates alternative disease control measures such as preventing tick infestations or, in certain regions, resorting to vaccination.

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