Ginger: A Natural Remedy for Pancreatic Cancer – Biological Times

Ginger: A Natural Remedy for Pancreatic Cancer

Publication Date : 28/06/2023

Author(s) :

Hira Anjum, Amar Nasir, Muhammad Kashif, Arfa Shahzad, Ammar Tahir.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 6
(06 - 2023)

Abstract :

Cancer is the overriding reason of the death in both emerging and developed countries. It may be characterized by uncontrolled cell development in which cells divide uncontrollably to create tumors that may invade other areas of the body. Lifestyle modifications are significant contributors to the emergence of cancer. Based on the research, risk factors include becoming overweight or obese, being insufficiently active, smoking, consuming alcohol, and eating improperly i.e. a diet heavy in red and processed meat and low in fiber. The traditional medicine of Pakistan's Himalayan area has long made use of a variety of medicinal plants. In underdeveloped nations, where about 80% of the world's population resides, plants are used to cure a variety of illnesses, including infections, pain management, wound healing, cancer, reproductive disorders, skin infections, digestive problems etc. The use of unprocessed and phytochemical extracts obtained from medicinal plants is becoming more acceptable and preferred, maybe as a result of their reduced costs of manufacturing, accessibility, and availability as well as their generally lower toxicity. Ginger is an underground stem or rhizome which is known to have originated from Asia and have been reported to have a number of medicinal properties which is used in the treatment of many ailments such as arthritis, painful menstrual periods, nausea etc. It is also used as a common specie in food and bakery industries Consequently, the goal of the study is to examine the anticancer effects of ginger and pomegranate extract on cancer cell lines under the assumption that they have a primarily cytotoxic effect on cancer cells while having little to no effect on normal cells.

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