“Unveiling the Marvels and Mysteries of Nano medicine” – Biological Times

“Unveiling the Marvels and Mysteries of Nano medicine”

Publication Date : 01-10-2023

Author(s) :

Muhammad Adil.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 9
(10 - 2023)

Abstract :

Nanomedicine is the branch of study that uses nanotechnology to support and improve molecular levels of human health. Applications of nanotechnology in medicine today and in the future include research on diagnostic tools, medication delivery systems to boost gene therapy, and tissue engineering technologies. Nano toxicology is now-a-day inadequate in helping academia, managing bodies in illuminating the mechanism of action, maintaining its hazards and benefits, in consequence increasing the benefit of these material in medicine without dealing public health and environmental honor. Nanoparticles effect the plant growth, their impregnation and releases harmful ions. Nano medicines provide benefit to human being but can also causes damage to various essential organs of the organisms.

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