Impacts and Mitigation of heat stress on dairy animals – Biological Times

Impacts and Mitigation of heat stress on dairy animals

Publication Date : 08-07-2024

Author(s) :

Muhammad Talha Tariq, Sarah Cecil, Mariam Adnan, ‚Ā†Aryan Ashraf, Mairman Gul Nasar.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 3
Issue 6
(07 - 2024)

Abstract :

Heat stress is one of the greatest challenges regarding productivity in dairy animals. Consistent elevation in global warming is one of its leading causes. Air temperature and high humidity are the climatic or thermal variables that play an integral role in it. Without a doubt, HS compromises feed intake and milk yield because of climatic variables. An increase in respiratory rate, heart rate, and blood flow rate is also noticed during conditions of heat stress leading to changes in the physiological conditions of dairy animals. In addition, modifications in acid-base chemistry and hormones are other factors of altered physiological conditions. Similarly, conception and reproduction efficiency of dairy animals are also affected. High temperature affects cellular functions in reproductive organs in dairy animals. As a result, conception and fertility rates could be lowered. In heat-stressed animals, heat tolerance can be achieved through physical modifications, nutritional management, and genetic selection. This article aims to highlight the effects of heat stress and remedies to overcome it.

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