The causes and Impact of litter Pollution on Marine Life: A List of Concerns”

Nimra Razzaq

Nadia Nazish, Muhammad Abdur Rehman, Ayesha Shafqat, Rabia Awan.
(05 - 2024)

Abstract :

The growing amount of marine litter being dumped on beaches and in oceans around the world is currently a serious environmental issue. This is particularly true for the majority of litter found in the seas, which is made up mostly of plastics, industrial chemicals, mining, sewage dumping, land runoff, eutrophication, and oil spills that stay in the water for an undetermined amount of time. Littering is killing animals, endangering human health, and disrupting ecosystems in the world's oceans in more and greater quantities. Improved land-based waste management and waste prevention are the key to the solution to these problems. Reducing plastic pollution at its source, cleaning up beaches, utilizing the circular economy, educating people, and using less packaging are some of the common solutions. The main recommendations for removing litter from the ocean include education, prevention, mitigation, removal, and behavioral modification.