Enhancing Staple Crop Resilience to Environmental Challenges: Strategies for Nutrient Uptake and Carbon Usage in Climate Change

Muzamal Mehmood

Muhammad Saleem, Rana Mehtab Ali Khan, Hafeez ur Rehman, Asif Iqbal, Muhammad Muaz.
(05 - 2024)

Abstract :

With the increasing population, stress resilience in staple crops is necessary for the productivity of crops. These days, crop improvement is triggered by the unpleasant condition of abiotic stress, which affects the many metabolic pathways of yield and quality improvements globally. Carbon assimilation is necessary for the synthesis of organic compounds and the maintenance of cellular processes. To obtain vital nutrients, organisms utilize numerous strategies such as scavenging mechanisms, symbiotic relationships, and absorption kinetics. Acquiring nutrients and assimilation of carbon is significantly hindered by environmental changes. This article provides a concise overview that how crops should use their strategies for acquiring nutrients and assimilating carbon in response to varying environmental factors.