Review of Neospora Species and Neosporosis in Equines

Veterinary Sciences
Muhammad Talha Talib

Amar Nasir, Muhammad Nouman Azam, Taimoor Nasrullah, Arshad Abbas.
(05 - 2024)

Abstract :

The parasitic coccidian Neospora found in animals. Neospora caninum and Neospora hughesi are the two species of Neospora. These parasites primarily affect cattle and dogs, but can also spread to goats, sheep, horses and deer. Dogs, coyotes, and dingoes are the definitive hosts of N. caninum. While the definitive host for N. hughesi remains uncertain. Neospora spp. is primarily transmitted to equines through the placenta. Neospora is a leading cause of abortion in equines. It causes different clinical, reproductive and neurological problems in equines. Developing protective immunity against abortion in equines with latent infections is a significant challenge. This article addresses the biology, life cycle, transmission, epidemiology and diagnosis of neosporosis in equines and other animals.