Volume:3 Issue:4Apr' 2024

Review of Neospora Species and Neosporosis in Equines
Muhammad Talha Talib, Amar Nasir, Muhammad Nouman Azam, Taimoor Nasrullah, Arshad Abbas.
The parasitic coccidian Neospora found in animals. Neospora caninum and Neospora hughesi are the two species of Neospora. These parasites primarily affect cattle and dogs, but can also spread to goats

Published on: 18-05-2024
Trend of Global Outbreak of Measles
Shameeran Salman Ismael, Shameeran Ismael, Salar Ayob Sulaiman, Dijwar Ali Haji, Rand Bahdin Jalal.
In recent months, the resurgence of measles has become a concerning global phenomenon. Once nearly eradicated in many parts of the world, measles outbreaks have reappeared, challenging public health

Published on: 18-05-2024
Impact of Feed Additives on Poultry and Dairy Nutrition
Zubair Azhar Nomi, Amna Khizar, Muhammad Usman, Muhammad Shahzaib, Rana Muhammad Shahbakht.
Feed additives play a crucial role in poultry and livestock nutrition that enhances animal health, growth, and productivity. This review explores various types of feed additives and their benefit. Pro

Published on: 18/05/2024
Enhancing Staple Crop Resilience to Environmental Challenges: Strategies for Nutrient Uptake and Carbon Usage in Climate Change
Muzamal Mehmood, Muhammad Saleem, Rana Mehtab Ali Khan, Hafeez ur Rehman, Asif Iqbal, Muhammad Muaz.
With the increasing population, stress resilience in staple crops is necessary for the productivity of crops. These days, crop improvement is triggered by the unpleasant condition of abiotic stress, w

Published on: 18-05-2024
The causes and Impact of litter Pollution on Marine Life: A List of Concerns”
Nimra Razzaq, Nadia Nazish, Muhammad Abdur Rehman, Ayesha Shafqat, Rabia Awan.
The growing amount of marine litter being dumped on beaches and in oceans around the world is currently a serious environmental issue. This is particularly true for the majority of litter found in the

Published on: 18-05-2024
Molecular techniques used to identify the DNA sequences
SHAHID AHMAD, Arsam Ali , Muhammad Zeeshan, Abuhuraira, Muhammad Luqman, SHAHID AHMAD.
Many efficient and cost-effective technologies have been developed that have caused massive progress in the molecular world. In this review we have discussed six methods of DNA sequencing: 1. dideoxy

Published on: 18-05-2024
Traditional Treatment Modalities for Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumor (TVT): An Overview
Khadija Younas, Hammad Ali, Ali Numan, Aiman Khan, Ahsan Elahi.
Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumor (TVT) is a contagious cancer with a worldwide presence, making it a problem in veterinary oncology. The rise of TVT cases resistant to treatment has driven the deve

Published on: 18-05-2024
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)
Shameeran Salman Ismael, Shameeran Ismael, Wasan Madhat Yousif Alnakshabandie, Salar Ayob Sulaiman, Rand Bahdin Jalal.
MRSA, or Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, is a type of bacterium that has developed resistance to many commonly used antibiotics. It's a significant concern in healthcare settings because

Published on: 18-05-2024