Volume:3 Issue:2Feb' 2024

Metals Toxicity in Cattle: Focusing on Effective Management Strategies
Muhammad Tariq, Muhammad Muazim Sharif, Muhammad Naeem, Ifrah Tahir, Sofia Qasim.
Heavy metal toxicity has been proven to be a serious risk, and it is associated with several health issues. Heavy metals bioaccumulate in living organisms, they contaminate the food chain and may thre

Published on: 10-02-2024
Ticks and tick Control Strategies with Perspective of One Health
Haleema Sadia, Zainish Sahbaz , Imama Nasir, Muhammad Waqas, Muhammad Imran .
Ticks are a huge issue for both livestock and people in Pakistan. They can spread a bunch of different diseases, like protozoa, viruses, and even bacteria like spirochetes. Ticks are a major source of

Published on: 10-02-2024
Demystified Hepatitis A: The Comprehensive Guide
Abdul Raheem, Muhammad Zaid Khalil, Tayyab Zahid.
Hepatitis A has the most viremic prevalence among all other forms of hepatitis. It is caused by the non-enveloped virus of the Picornaviridae family. It can be transmitted between humans and varies in

Published on: 10-02-2024
The Classification of Depression and the Role of Nanomedicine in its Treatment
Arslan Muhammad Ali Khan.
The most prevalent mental disorder associated with stress is depression. It affects millions of people all around the world. Its development may involve influences from the biochemical, psychological,

Published on: 10-02-2024
Association between Psychological Factors, Academic Performance, and Media Addiction
Arslan Muhammad Ali Khan.
Social networking sites and internet usage have significantly increased in recent decades, used not only for amusement and social interaction but also as instruments for meetings and business. Althoug

Published on: 10-02-2024
Unveiling the role of Ivermectin for effective control of Ticks! A myth
Arslan Muhammad Ali Khan.
Ticks pose a serious threat to human beings as well as livestock in Pakistan. These can disseminate a variety of pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, and protozoa like rickettsia and spirochetes. E

Published on: 10-02-2024
Neurocysticercosis Cysticercal Epilepsy: Understanding the Complex Relationship Between Tapeworm Cysts and Seizures.
Shizray Imtiaz Toor, Rao Zahid Abbas, Jovaria Khalid, M Saad Nauman, Hamza Aslam.
Infection with the swine tapeworm (Taenia solium) causes a significant global burden of disease, not only in terms of human health, but also in terms of economic hardship on smallholder pig farmers du

Published on: 10-02-2024
Tick-borne encephalitis virus
Sadia Batool, Rao Zahid Abbas, Samar Fatima, Sidra Batool, Kanwal Tariq , Amina Hussain.
The tick-borne encephalitis virus belongs to the family Flaviviridae. Its composition has three structural proteins and seven non-structural proteins and these all make the genomic structure of TBEV.

Published on: 10-02-2024
Staphylococcus aureus Infections and their treatment in Humans by Phage Therapy as an Alternative to Antibiotics
Amina Mehmood, Amina Mehmood, Hadi Bux, aiman majeed, Niwaal Sameer, Edah Nyaab Victor.
Due to their potency against bacterial illnesses, the manufacture and use of antibiotics both greatly rose after World War II. However, bacterial resistance also developed and is currently a significa

Published on: 10-02-2024
Phytochemical Solutions for Infectious Bursal Disease: A Sustainable Approach to Poultry Health
Parveena Bibi, Ali Zeeshan, Manahil Waheed, Ifrah Tahir, Zunaira Ghaffar.
IBD is a virus that can cause difficulties for young chicks because of its variable strains and insufficient vaccinations. Phytochemicals, derived from plants, have antiviral properties against IBDV.

Published on: 10-02-2024
Overview of Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is a chronic condition caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
Tasawar Iqbal*, Sidra Altaf, Ali Ahmad.
HIV/AIDS is a serious health issue everywhere in the world. This comes from a virus called HIV, which makes the immune system weaker. HIV can be spread through sex without a condom, sharing dirty need

Published on: 10-02-2024
The Global Rise of Anthroponotic Cutaneous Leishmaniasis: An Emerging Threat
Shameeran Salman Ismael , Waleed Jameel Omer, Rand Bahdin Jalal.
Anthroponotic cutaneous leishmaniasis is emerging as a significant global health concern, transcending its traditional geographic boundaries. The complex interplay of ecological, socioeconomic, and cl

Published on: 10-02-2024
Do you know the persistence of challenges posed by Zoonotic Helminthes
Shameeran Salman Ismael , Beri Adil Tawfeq, Amal Jamil Sadiq.
Zoonotic helminths, parasitic worms capable of traversing species boundaries from animals to humans, present an enduring challenge to global public health. These intricate organisms encompass a divers

Published on: 10-02-2024
Buffalo Milk: Seasons and Adulterants
Farrah Deeba, Ayesha Tariq, Anas Sarwar Qureshi, Muhammad Adil, Sulaman Haider, Sami Ullah Khan, Muhammad Haroon, Farah Naz.
Buffalo milk quality including fat, protein, and total solids varied as a function of season. Therefore, various types of adulterants are added to buffalo milk by suppliers to enhance the parameters b

Published on: 10-03-2024
The Medical Marvel of Aloe Vera: Harnessing Nature’s Healing Power
MUHAMMAD SAJID, Mohsin Raza, Iman Shafaquat, Bisma Ali, Muhammad Suleman, Mohsin Amin.
The Aloe Vera plant have been recognized by people since ancient times, for its remarkable health, medicinal, and skincare benefits. Aloe Vera plant comprises more than 300 varieties and predominantly

Published on: 10-03-2024
Molecular Insights into Zoonotic Diseases: Understanding the Interface Between Animals and Humans
Zubair Azhar Nomi , Muneeba Mumtaz, Rana Muhammad Shahbakht, Shahid Ali Rajput, Muhammad Zeeshan Anwar.
Molecular epidemiology is a progressive advancement within the field of epidemiology that utilizes molecular biology tools to provide insights that are unattainable through traditional methods. These

Published on: 10-03-2024
Role of Vitamin C as an Immunity Booster in the Management of Covid-19
Muqaddas latif.
Ascorbic acid, also known as vitamin C, is a water-soluble vitamin that is essential for several immune system biosynthesis pathways as well as acting as an antioxidant. It is a necessary nutrient tha

Published on: 10-03-2024
Artificial intelligence-based advancements in oncological studies
Kashif Hussain, Maria Kausar, Talha Khan , Aqdas-Ul-Hassan.
Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have greatly impacted the healthcare system in many ways. Technological advancement has made it possible to analyze large datasets quickly and managea

Published on: 10-03-2024