Platelet Membrane Coated Drug Delivery System – Biological Times

Platelet Membrane Coated Drug Delivery System

Publication Date : 10/01/2024

Author(s) :

Tasawar Iqbal, Sidra Altaf*, Muhammad Saleem .

Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 12
(01 - 2024)

Abstract :

Platelet membrane-encased drug transport systems are a highly promising method for delivering drugs precisely and efficiently, offering multiple benefits when compared to conventional drug delivery systems. This method consists of applying a layer of platelet membrane to a central material. By doing so, it provides numerous benefits including the potential to enhance the effectiveness of drugs, decrease negative reactions, and improve the stability and availability of the medication. This article gives a thorough summary of the progress and utilization of these systems, along with the latest research patterns, difficulties, and potential future pathways. The ongoing exploration and progress of these systems hold great promise in revolutionizing targeted medication administration and enhancing patient results.

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