WORLD DIES IF BEES DIE – Biological Times


Publication Date : 09/01/2024

Author(s) :

Saba Mehnaz, Farazia Zafar, Tuqwa Shafiq, Tayyaba Munawar.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 12
(01 - 2024)

Abstract :

Bees are a crucial part of our ecosystem, for human welfare, and economically very beneficial as we get crops and clothes and generate revenue out of bee products. Bees have hairy on them which carry pollen grains to different plants where they produce crops. Around 90% of the world's top crops are visited by bees. It’s seen in ancient history bees were used in many ways in different regions by different people. As the population is increasing there is a need to provide food for the human race, so agriculturists and beekeepers use different pesticides to grow crops in a short time to avoid the food shortage problem. Bees get poisoned by these pesticides and they are decreasing in number day by day which is an alarming situation. To save bees we have to spread awareness and stop clearing land for humans to build industries.

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