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The Medical Marvel of Aloe Vera: Harnessing Nature’s Healing Power

Publication Date : 10-03-2024

Author(s) :

MUHAMMAD SAJID, Mohsin Raza, Iman Shafaquat, Bisma Ali, Muhammad Suleman, Mohsin Amin.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 3
Issue 2
(03 - 2024)

Abstract :

The Aloe Vera plant have been recognized by people since ancient times, for its remarkable health, medicinal, and skincare benefits. Aloe Vera plant comprises more than 300 varieties and predominantly thrives in arid regions across Africa, Asia, Europe, and the United States. Presently, Aloe Vera is a prevalent ingredient in the cosmetology industry. Despite its diverse indications, organized trials are imperative to ascertain its accurate efficacy. This article offers an overview of Aloe Vera's applications. The plant is utilized as a constituent and nutritional supplement in various foods and restorative products. Extensive human exposure raises security concerns regarding potential damage and carcinogenic effects. Analytical analysis reveals that Aloe has numerous carboxylic compounds, including anthraquinones, as well as polysaccharides. Consumption of Aloe Vera has been linked with renal failure, hypokalemia, diarrhea, and pseudomelanosis coli. Aloe Vera has applications in treating burn wounds, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis vulgaris, and erythema, and as a skin moisturizer. It also shows promise in managing Class 2 diabetes, kidney stones, ulcerative colitis, angina pectoris, oral lichen planus disorders, and alveolar osteitis. The Beautifying Component Review Expert Panel has deemed the superficial use of Aloe plant preparations to be non-toxic and secure. Nonetheless, a few case reports have surfaced regarding the development of interaction dermatitis and hypersensitivity reactions following the Superficial application of Aloe ointment preparations.

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