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Bovine Brucellosis

Publication Date : 08-07-2024

Author(s) :

Rao Zahid Abbas, Muqadas, Zohaib Saeed, Muhammad Abdullah Qureshi, Zuha Fatima, Muqadas, Zohaib Saeed, Muhammad Abdullah Qureshi, Zuha Fatima.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 3
Issue 6
(07 - 2024)

Abstract :

The aim of this extension article is to take an overview of brucellosis in bovines for general understanding. Brucellosis is a zoonotic disease that has a major impact on animal welfare and the economy. Transmission of brucellosis from domestic and wild animals leads to the emergence of recent cases in native areas that change epidemiological dimensions. The consumption of raw milk is a major threat to the public health in areas of endemic importance. And international travel of humans and animals leads to outbreaks of brucellosis in new areas. So, continuous screening is essential to control the outbreaks. Control of this disease is possible by continuous diagnosis and then massive vaccination of the animals.

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