Impact of Feed Additives on Poultry and Dairy Nutrition

Veterinary Sciences
Zubair Azhar Nomi

Amna Khizar, Muhammad Usman, Muhammad Shahzaib, Rana Muhammad Shahbakht.
(05 - 2024)

Abstract :

Feed additives play a crucial role in poultry and livestock nutrition that enhances animal health, growth, and productivity. This review explores various types of feed additives and their benefit. Probiotics and prebiotics may improve gut health by promoting beneficial bacteria and fighting harmful microbes. Enzymes help in digestion by breaking down complex molecules that aids in better nutrient absorption. Plant extracts including cinnamon, oregano, and garlic offer a natural approach to enhance performance, which improves weight gain, feed efficiency, and gut health. However, research results may be different due to dependency on animal health. Phytogenic additives derived from plants have various beneficial effects on animal health. Furthermore, they also stimulate enzyme secretion, improve nutrient absorption, and enhance meat quality. The use of antibiotics as growth promoters is reducing due to the implementation of phytogenic feed additives and instructions about resistance. Overall, feed additives play a crucial role in maintaining a sustainable and healthy animal production system along with fulfilling consumer demand for safe and high-quality animal products.